24x7 Outage Support

Outages and downtime are rare, but when it happens got can count on us 24x7.

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When you sign up with Technatron, you are not just a customer, not just a friend. We treat each customer like family!


If that's not enough, consider that we were voted Best of the Best in 2003


As if all our IT related services were not enough.

We are also engaged in Agricultural research, developing new ways to make our earth more sustainable.

Our In-house facilities

Almost every design can be completed in-house, unless you need something really unusual, We utilize the latest Adobe products to assure cutting edge results. All our servers feature PHP scripting and MySQL database to create dynamic pages in real time.

Having the right connections.

Having a world class website is meaningless if people can't get to it. That's why our servers are hosted in the cloud in Miami, FL

Computer under the weather?

If your computer under the weather, not as fast as it use to be? Did someone tell you you have a Virus? We have been fixing computers for over 20 years. Most repairs don't require replacing any parts, just fixing the software. But if you need a part, we'll tell you what part, and reccomend a source. Since we don't sell any hardware, you'll know we don't benifit in having you replace a part unecessarily.

Sick Computer

Company News

December 5, 2015


CRYSTAL RIVER, Fla - Technatron, Inc unveiled their new website today, featuring a cleaner, calming appearence. This is the first in a number of changes planed.

November 30, 2015


Crystal River, Fla - Technatron moved it's servers from the baremetal facility to the Cloud today. This move increases our available bandwidth by 300%, gives us room to grow, lowers our overhead, and gives us access to new technologies, and an updated software platform

April 11, 2008

Red Eagle Lodge

We would like to extend our warmest welcome to the Red Eagle Lodge of West Central Florida, Inc. - their new website is available at